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 Boarding School

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PostSubject: Boarding School   Sun Jul 03, 2011 12:21 pm

Okay this is my story! (: I will be updating it every so often! So here is the first five chapters Enjoy! Oh and I get my inspiration from the House of Anubis Lol:

Boarding School
Chapter One

I walked through the pink door of room 199, "Boarding school, here I come," I whispered to myself. When I got inside a girl with red hair was playing music on her ipod, "Um, hey," I said. The girl looked at me and raised her eyebrows and then went back to her music. Another girl came through the door behind me, she waved her long brown hair and came skipping in wearing, bright, green shoes, "Hi! My name's Kayla! My first year here, yours?" she asked happily.
"Yeah, it is," I had put my spotty blue bag down and rested my arms. Kayla skipped over to a single bed and threw her bag down. She bounced up and down on the bed like she was about four, "Stop it!" the girl with red hair shouted.
"Narky! What's your name?" Kayla asked the girl.
"Kerry!" she shouted.
"Kerry rhymes with cherry and that's the colour of your hair!" Kayla sang, "And you, what's your name?" she asked pointing to me with her blue fingernails (they were painted).
"Katarina, but call me Kat," I said.
"Three K's!" Kayla laughed.
I walked over to the spare bed and put my bags down. I started unpacking my things but Kayla stopped me, "Hey! What you unpacking for?! We need to explore the boarding school site!" Kayla linked my arm, "Coming Kerry?" she asked.
"I'll pass," Kerry sighed rolling her eyes. Kayla giggled and pulled me out the door. I stopped and closed the door and then sighed, “I forgot to take my key, now were locked out!” I said trying not to panic.
“It locks as soon as you close it? That's silly!” Kayla said shaking her head. She banged on the door, “Open up! We've forgotten our keys!” Kayla shouted.
“No! Later!” Kerry shouted on the other side.
“Please!” Kayla screamed.
“No!” Kerry shouted back. Kayla started banging again and then Miss. Leah the leader of the girls dorms came, “Kayla Grey! Detention! And Kat Low! Detention!” she shouted.
“But-” I said almost crying.
“No buts!” Miss. Leah said.
“Kat didn't do anything!” Kayla said.
“Well, I'll deal with her later, Kayla I expect you in my office on Wednesday at three o'clock when the welcome disco is on,” she said, “You too Kat,” Miss. Leah walked off and then the door opened, Kerry looked at us.
“Wow! I guess I had to open the door now,” Kerry said.
“Shut up,” Kayla walked in. I looked at the clock ten past eight. We had to have the lights out at nine because it was our first night. I looked at Kerry who was shouting at Kayla for jumping on the bed. Can they ever stop. I sighed and then went and sat on the bed and watched the two fighting like monkeys.

Chapter Two

Kayla started tossing and turning in the middle of the night. All I saw was a pillow getting thrown at her. I think it was Kerry who threw it. The next morning, Miss. Leah woke us all up, telling to go down to the main building for breakfast. It took a while to get Kayla up, “I'm to tired,” she moaned. I sighed and got dressed, so did Kerry, “Well, we're off to the main meeting building for our breakfast, stay there then!” Kerry said.
“Kayla! Please,” I whined. Kayla turned and then she stretched. I sighed and then went out the door, so did Kerry, “Don't look at me like that! What are you! Eleven?” Kerry sighed.
“No, thirteen!” I said. Kerry stormed ahead, I looked at the door, should I leave Kayla? I decided that she could get up herself in her own time, she wasn't wasting mine. I ran past Kerry and looked at all the signposts leading to the main hall. I looked at all the other children. I got pushed into a line towards the kitchen, “Hello, may I take your order? We have, corn flakes, toast with butter, jam or honey, we have a bread roll and quite a bit more, just look at the menu,” a kind, plump lady said happily.
“Um, could I have some toast with honey on please?” I said quietly.
“Sure thing,” the lady served up my order and I went to sit down. Everyone had got what they wanted by ten minutes, everyone except Kayla. The big grey doors opened and in walked Kayla. Everyone went silent as if it was Cinderella. I looked at her. Miss. Leah started screeching at her, “Detention! Again! Your late!” she shouted. Kayla just nodded and went and sat on a table. Everyone moved away from her as if she was some strange person. I smiled at her and tapped a seat next to me, “Come over here,” I said once the room went loud again. Kayla came and sat next to me, “Detention again!?” I said.
“Yeah, I think once you get three, you get three warnings and then a talk with your parents and then if your bad after that you get expelled, so to narrow it down you get eight warnings,” she sighed. I laughed as I looked at Kayla, “What?”
“You've got no food!” I laughed pointing at the empty tray.
“I'm not even that hungry,” she said. I sighed and waited for the bell to go.

Chapter 3

On Wednesday me and Kayla sat outside Miss. Leah's office, “She told us to be here now! We've been waiting hours!” Kayla sighed even though it had only been ten minutes. Kayla put her ear to the door, “Kayla!” I hissed.
“What? And all I'm doing is trying to listen to what she's-” she stopped, “That silly women has got someone inside! Talking about us! She's saying that they need to keep an eye out for us, she thinks we can find the squesh!” Kayla burst out laughing, I had to pull her away from the door, “The squesh! That is funny!” Kayla giggled. Miss. Leah let us in, “Now girls, come in for your detention,” she handed us paper.
“Kat write out thirty lines of why not to bang on doors,” she gave me a piece of paper, “And Kayla, fifty lines of why not to bang on doors, and fifty lines of why you have to come into breakfast on time! Then you can go to the disco!” She handed two pieces of paper to Kayla. We sat there writing down. I was done in just over half an hour. Kayla was still mumbling things and writing, she was on her second piece. I left and waited outside of the office. Fifteen minutes later Kayla came out. We headed off to the disco, “Oh damn! All the good food has gone!” she sighed. I looked at the food. I guess she was right,
“I wonder what they meant about the Squesh, and were did that other person go, I didn't see them come out!” I said getting worried.
“Well it was a man's voice, I think he must of went out another way,” she said.
“But what way!?” I sighed. We couldn't say any more because Erica a girl from the room next door came running over, “Why were you gone? You missed Mrs. Lacey getting hit with a burger,” she said quickly.
“Aaaw! silly detention, was it funny?!” Kayla asked.
“Yep! I got to go, Lola's calling me bye!”
“Strange girl,” I said to Kayla. Kerry came over to us she laughed as she looked,
“How was detention?” she asked sarcasticly.
“Well you should have been there! You were the one who wouldn't let us in!” Kayla said. Kerry laughed and walked out. The bell went and then Mr. Shaun the headmaster started speaking, “Well, this is to welcome you to Harvey Hall Boarding School! I hope you all enjoyed the disco, and will remember this as a great night!” He went on until Kayla tapped me,
“That's the man's voice! The one in the office!” Kayla whispered. We both opened our eyes widely, “Lets go to Miss. Leah's office! We need to check it out,” she said. We crept out and then peaked into Miss. Leah's office window. She was out, we opened the door silently, but we could hear something, something coming from a little passage through the wall. Kayla listened so did I, “We now declare that the Squesh will be up for us to get in two months, but we need to find the pieces for it to work,” It was Mrs. Leah's voice. I gulped. I heard her say dismissed as if it was a lesson and then footsteps from the other side of the passage! Kayla tried to get out but the door had a finger print system to get out. Kayla was grabbing anything to try and break it but she was failing, our only hope was to hide, the door opened and me and Kayla held our breath behind the desk.

Chapter 4

I knew we were in for it. Kayla closed her eyes and looked scared for the very first time, I was more than scared, I felt tears coming in my eyes as Miss. Leah walked over to the desk took a piece of paper and went over to the door, she scanned her finger, Kayla waited for the door to open, Miss. Leah walked out, Kayla ran to try and get out but the door slammed. Kayla headed towards the passage. I gave her a look but I knew it was the only way, Kayla tiptoed down the steps of the hole and so did I. When we got down we saw a bunch of rats. I made a little noise and Kayla elbowed me. She was hunting her was through a load of potions, and then stopped, “Hey, Kat, it says on the label, Put this potion in the Squesh and there you will remain forever,” she whispered. I listened and then I saw a weird gown, it had a pointy hood with a rope round the waist. I took a step back and then I saw lots of them. I gulped and then I saw name tags on them, Vicky, James, Pauline, Tracy, Ann-Marie, David and John. I thought and thought, then I remembered, they were the teachers names, “Kayla, come and look,” I whispered. She came and then dragged one off the hook, “We need to take this back to have a closer look, I think the teachers are on to something,” she squeezed it into her bag and then got the potion with the label on, “Now we need to find a way out,” Kayla said quietly. We both looked and then I saw a small door. I pointed and opened it, “You first!” I said to Kayla.
“Why me?” she asked.
“Because it was your idea to come down here,” I whispered.
”You get all chatty at the wrong time!” Kayla said. She sat down. It was like a slide. She went down and then I did, we came out into a small bit of space with a door, it was locked! “Oh no! What are we going to do we need a key and, and-” I stopped; Kayla was picking the lock,
“I can only pick simple ones,” she opened the door and we were in the art class, “Now that's why that doors always locked,” Kayla sighed, “Wow! Even the art class looks creepy at night! Come on lets get out of here!” she whispered. We both headed towards the main door, it was open, luckily. When we crept back into our dorm, Kerry was lying on her bed with her eyes closed, “Right Kerry's asleep, now let's look at that gown thing!” Kayla whispered getting it out, it was David's. Mr. Shaun. We both turned it around and then checked the pockets. It had a card in it, it had a symbol of a cup and three pieces. The Squesh! The cup must have been the Squesh! And the pieces that must have been the pieces to fix the Squesh together! We both smiled. And then Kayla got out the potion, she sniffed it and then pretended to be sick, “We need to find the pieces,” I said.
“Yes! And go down to the basement again to see if we can find more!” Kayla said. At the wrong time, Kerry had tricked us, she was awake, “What basement, what potion, what Squesh and what pieces!” Kerry said quite loudly.
“Shush! Never mind! It's nothing!” Kayla had hidden the stuff in her bag.
“Why do I need to be quiet if it's nothing!?” Kerry got up.
“Stop Kerry!” I said.
“I wonder if Miss. Leah would be interested to hear about this,” Kerry got up and went over to the door.
“Wait! Okay we'll tell you!” I said. Kayla gave me a look, “Tomorrow! We'll tell you tomorrow! So long as you shut up now!” I said my voice getting quieter. I just hoped I would think of something by tomorrow.

Chapter 5

Thursday came and I tried to keep out of Kerry's way but Miss. Leah came in, “A no lesson day, but all come into the main hall before breakfast. Now!” she said and then she slammed the door. For a change Kayla got dressed on time. Kerry, tapped me, “What were you talking about last night?” she asked.
“Oh, it's complicated, I'll tell you tonight, I swear,” I said. Kerry raised her eye brows like she did the first time she saw me. Kayla linked my arm as we walked to the main hall. Miss. Leah was standing on the stage. All of the girls and boys were there, “Now! Quiet!” she screamed. “Thank-you! Now something was stolen last night, two things actually, something from my office! Now! Someone admits now, and you all go, someone doesn't admit then I'll check your bags!” she shouted. Kayla didn't say anything, neither did I. Miss. Leah went round checking peoples bags. Kerry had been done she looked at us, “It's you, isn't it!? Your the ones hiding things,” she said, “I'll help, just tell me what happened,” I looked at Kayla, she nodded and I told, “Oh okay,” she said as if we had told her what we were having for lunch. We gave her the things, just in time, “Kat, Kayla, bags please,” we gave her our bags. She nodded and told us to go to breakfast, “Kerry can we have the things back?” I asked.
“Sure but can I come down to the basement?” she asked.
“Maybe,” I said. “I guess, we need someone brave,” I said.
“Wait! I got an idea!” Kayla said with excitement, “We should start a club! Thirteen, that's what it's called, because we're all thirteen! And our names add up to thirteen!” she said.
“I'm in!” I laughed.
“Kerry?” Kayla asked.
“Well if it means getting them evil teachers away from the Squesh then sure, I'm in,” Kerry said. We all smiled and sat down. But Kerry moved away, she hadn't turned nice, it didn't matter, we had a club now! Thirteen! I like that name, “When shall we go to the basement?” I asked Kayla.
“Well, I was thinking, we put it on hold, we should do an initiation for all of us, so we can welcome each other into the club, the clubs colour is going to be red, so bring something red!” Kayla smiled and then sipped down some juice. miss had brought our food to our tables today. Something red, “Does it have to be something important to us?” I asked.
“Yes,” Kayla said. I nodded and then started eating, I knew the mystery had just started.

Chapter 6

I stood in the meeting place Kayla had told me to go, I had a red scarf for the item thing. I saw Kerry, she was wearing a hooded top, probably because she didn't want her friends to see her with us, “Hey Kerry!” I shouted.
“Where's Kayla?” she asked.
“Oh she's coming soon, she had to make something for the club!” I said. Kerry was holding a red wristband. Soon Kayla came skipping by, “Hi! I made us T-shirts for the club,” she said.
“What?! I'm not making to much of an effort, I'm not your friends or anything, I don't want to make to much of a friend thing!” Kerry said raising an eyebrow.
“Lets just start. Okay. I Kayla, declare to keep the secrets of thirteen, and to be kind and follow my other club members,” Kayla said closing her eyes. She got the red dress she had and threw it on the floor while she made a fire with some matches and sticks, she threw the dress in, “Your turn Kat,” she said to me.
“I Kat, declare to keep the secrets of thirteen, and to be kind and follow my other club members,” I looked at the scarf sighed and threw it in, “Kerry, your turn,” I said.
“I'll keep the secrets and all of that,” Kerry threw the wristband in the fire. We sighed. I could tell she wasn't going to make a big effort. Kayla got a bucket of water and threw it over the fire. We walked back to our dorms. I got changed into something decent and waited until nine o'clock. At nine we all went to Miss. Leah's office, “Okay, she's out! Let's go in,” Kayla whispered. Kerry went inside first. I was last. We all went down to the basement, “Whoa! Look at all this stuff,” Kerry whispered.
“Yes, now, we got to be quiet, Miss. Leah could come down any minute,” Kayla whispered. She had forced us to put our thirteen T-shirts on. Kerry had screamed not to but she got forced to anyway. When we had looked around and found nothing, Kayla was ready to go but Kerry grabbed something, “Kerry! What have you got!?” I said.
“A piece of paper, it says something, The first piece of the Squesh is found in something that is old but always changes it's age,” Kerry read out.
“Yes! Well done Kerry, but were did you find it?” I asked.
“On this table!” she said.
“The teacher's mustn't be able to find the clue thing,” Kayla said.
“Take it,” I whispered.
“No, Kat! The teachers might get all suspicious and check our rooms every night, write it down,” Kayla said. We needed help, we all thought about it for a long time, and then an idea came to Kayla, “Brian!” she said in our dorm.
“Brian? That geeky boy who lives in the library?” Kerry asked.
“Yes! He might be able to solve it!” Kayla said. So the next day we went over to Brian.
“Brian, could you solve this for us?” I asked.
“Sure, Um, um hum, interesting, what a nice clue, wow, I wish I could write this, I think it is a-” he stopped to put his glasses up. Kerry lost her patients.
“Okay! Just tell us what it is!” she screamed. Miss. Angel told us to go out,
“A clock! It's a clock, a grandfather's clock!” Brian shouted as we were being dragged out. We all looked at each other. I can't believe one of the students could solve it and the teachers couldn't.

Chapter 7

We all got a detention which wasn't so bad, because later we got to go down to the basement when Miss. Leah said she was going out for a while, “Girls, I'm going out to a staff meeting, I'll be half an hour so just sit there and do not move!” she told us. We all nodded and then waited for her to go out,
“Right! Let's go down to the basement!” Kayla whispered.
“Okay, let's remember to stick together, go thirteen!” I said. We all put our hands in and then waved them out. We tiptoed down into the basement. Kerry went and fiddled with the potions, Kayla went and snooped round the closets and I just sat there, trying to figure out were there would be a clock, “Maybe he's got it wrong, you know Brian, I don't know were there would be a clock,” I said.
“But Brian's never wrong,” Kayla said. I sighed and thought,
“Wait, who would of put the pieces in the clock?” I asked.
“Good point even though you never do have anything to say,” Kerry said.
“Maybe someone who wants to protect the Squesh, and they want us or someone to hide it from the teachers, we still need to investigate,” Kayla sighed. Suddenly we heard the key going in the door upstairs, “Quick! She must be back!” I said. It had only been fifteen minutes,
“Never!” Kerry said sarcasticly. We quickly went up the stairs. Thanks goodness Miss. Leah was talking to someone in her office she didn't notice us. She didn't see us now either, “David, the next meeting for the Squesh is in five days, be there,” she said to our headmaster then they did this weird handshake, I almost died. When she saw us she looked at us, “Girls, the Squesh meeting is a staff meeting nothing else,” she said.
“Right,” Kerry said.
“Well off you go,” she pointed to the door.
“Can you unlock it then,” Kayla asked.
“Yes, sorry,” Miss. Leah replied. As we went out Kerry grabbed us and took us to the toilets,
“A teacher's meeting?! Yeah right!” she said, “Look I gotta go,” she was about to leave.
“No! Kerry! The meeting! The thirteen meeting1 You've already missed two!” Kayla said.
“I need to speak to Georgie!” she said.
“That's it your out of the club!” Kayla said.
“Wait! Kayla, that's unfair!” I said.
“Fine! Thirteen! It was silly anyway!” Kerry stormed out.
“Kayla!” I shouted. She just looked at me. I sighed, and then I remembered, “Kayla, I know were the clock is! In the staff room! We need Kerry to tell her,” I said.
“Yes! Well done Kat, but Kerry's out,” Kayla cheered. I sighed. Later we walked down back to the dorms wee we found Kerry, “Hi,” I said, “We know were the clock is!” I said.
“Wow, I really don't care,” Kerry said. I sighed.
“Kat, should we go down to the staffroom on Saturday?” Kayla said quite loud trying to rub it in Kerry's face.
“Okay,” I whispered. I hated Kerry at times but I wanted her back for some strange reason.

Chapter 8

After lessons me and Kayla went to the staffroom, “Okay, all clear!” she whispered.
“Okay, let's go inside,” I whispered back. As we walked in the clock was ticking away, Five minutes to five, I tried to open up the inside of the clock but it stayed shut, “Ugh! It's to tough!” I cried.
“Here, let me do it!” Kayla said banging the clock.
“Shush!” I said. We stayed like this for another few minutes until it stated chiming,
“Wait! Try now! It's chiming that might mean something!” I said.
“I don't see how that would make any difference,” Kayla sighed.
“Try! Before it stops!” I cried. Kayla sighed and tried to open the clock, it opened.
“Yay! Okay! What's inside?” Kayla started snooping. She pulled out a piece of paper,
“Ugh! No puzzle piece!” I sighed.
“Yes, but wait, the paper says, Now, go and look in a place were you can step down and up,” Kayla read.
“Wow, the stairs!” I shouted.
“Shush! Yes but there's about fifteen staircases in the whole of the school! And which step!? It can't be sitting on a step could it? It must be buried in a step! So there's about a hundred or something steps,” Kayla sighed. We both walked out, holding the paper, when we were about to unlock our door, Miss. Leah came, “Afternoon girls, keeping out of trouble?” she asked.
“Yes Miss. Leah,” we both chanted.
“Wait, what's that you've got, no it can't be,” she said.
“It can't be what, and Miss. Leah it's a letter from my parents, it's private,” Kayla lied.
“Oh okay, if you say so, oh and Kayla, speaking of your parents they wanted to see you,” Miss. Leah said looking at her.
“Now?” she asked.
“Yes, now!” she said.
“Bye Kat, see you in a while,” Kayla said as she walked away. I waved and unlocked the door, Kerry was sitting on her bed with her friend Georgie, she was writing something, I gave them a look and then leaned over to see what they were doing, I couldn't believe it! They had made a plan about finding the Squesh! And about making a club, “Kerry! You did care about the Squesh! And you told someone!” I shouted.
“Yes I have! Georgie knows that the Squesh is a staff meeting about our reports!” Kerry said. I was confused but then I realised that she hadn't even told Georgie. I smiled and acted shocked. Soon Kayla came back, “Oh I dislike it! I dislike them!” she cried.
“What's up Kayla?” I asked.
“My parents! They want me to move to Spain with them!” she cried. I looked at her and then she began to cry, the first time I had ever seen her cry.

Chapter 9

Georgie left to leave us all in privacy, “Kayla! Why? When!?” I asked.
“Saturday!” she cried.
“This Saturday!?” I said quite loudly. Kayla nodded, even Kerry looked shocked,
“So your going in five days?” Kerry asked.
“Yes! So you can have a party now! Be glad I'm gone!” Kayla shouted at Kerry.
“No, I wouldn't even though I don't really like you,” Kerry smiled. We all just sat down and didn't say anything until dinner, it was six O' clock, “We better go,” I said.
“Yeah,” Kayla replied.
“Sure,” Kerry said. As we walked, Kerry didn't run ahead and walk with her bad gang, she just stayed with us, “I better make the most of you,” she said.
“Kayla, what are we going to do about the Squesh?” I asked. Kayla looked down and gave me the piece of paper, “We can't find the pieces in five days, so you find them!” she said. I didn't say anything to this and I just walked on. Days went by, and soon Saturday came, I woke up to find Kayla was gone, all of her things were gone, a note was left on her pillow, it read, Kat, and I guess Kerry too, I know I'm not going to see you for a while, but good luck with the Squesh, and I hope you find what your looking for! Love Kayla. I looked at the note. I put it next to my dressing table, “Kat, has Kayla gone?” Kerry yawned waking up.
“Yes,” I sighed. Suddenly there was a knock on the door and then it opened, a girl with blonde, glossy hair with pink streaks walked in, “Do you mind!?” Kerry screamed.
“Sorry, I'm Katherine, call me Kat,” she said chewing on bubble gum.
“Her name's Kat! And why oh why is there another K?” Kerry said pointing to me.
“Oh, then call me Kathy,” the girl said smiling.
“Okay then, Kathy, how did you get in!?” Kerry said.
“In here?” Kathy asked.
“No! Into Mars! Yes, here!” Kerry shouted.
“Oh, I got a key, I'm moving in here now!” Kathy smiled. She went and put her things on Kayla's bed. I looked up at her, “Hey! What's your name!?” she asked.
“Kat,” I said, “She's Kerry,” I said looking over at Kerry. Kerry pulled a face and got out the Thirteen file, she started flicking the pages looking at what we needed to do next, she was back in the gang now, Kayla had made her work with me, “Kat, over here,” she said. I walked over and sat down, “The stairs, we need to go and check round for the stairs,” I said.
“What stairs?” Kathy asked. Kayla gave her one, long look, “Ha! That trick doesn't work on me! I have five brothers, they always give me that look!” Kathy said.
“The stairs is just something that me and Kerry play,” I lied.
“Oh come on, I know you're up to something!” Kathy laughed. I looked at Kerry, I gave her one of them, shall we tell her looks, Kerry sighed, “Later, we'll say later, if she's living with us we've got to say,” Kerry said to me. It was still only half seven and I was tired. I took out my phone to see if I had got any messages from Kayla, none, “Kayla? She used to live in here?” Kathy said leaning over me.
“Nosey,” I said quietly but I knew she had heard. Kathy looked hurt, “Sorry, I didn't mean to be horrible like that,” I said.
“It's fine, I guess I've got to get used to this anyway,” Kathy looked over at Kerry. We both laughed, I could tell we were going to make friends quickly.

Chapter 10

The next morning Kerry woke me up, “Hey! We need to go stair hunting today,” she said.
“But I thought you were hanging out with Georgie today?” I said.
“Well I thought, if we find the Squesh, the teachers will be fired because they're spooky people, and then I can go home!” Kerry said smiling. I went to the bathroom and got changed. It was an off school individual day, like every Sunday so we had to get our own breakfast somewhere on the campus. When I was ready and was about to go out, Kathy tapped me on the shoulder, “Hey, could you show me around?” she asked.
“No she can't! We're busy,” Kerry said grabbing me. I just looked at her,
“Maybe later,” I said to Kathy. Kathy sighed,
“Sure, let me guess you're busy with the Squesh thing,” she sighed.
“Kat! Why tell her!?” Kerry said raising her voice.
“I didn't!” I said.
“You left this on your dressing table,” Kathy said handing me the note from Kayla. Kerry saw and gave me this one, long, mean look, “It's fine! I can help you,” Kathy smiled. I looked at Kerry, and then told her about the story. Kathy's eyes it up, “Cool! I won't tell anyone,” she said.
“Okay, each of us should split up, looking at a different stair, then we can get the piece quicker, meet were we had the initiation club thing in the woods by the hollow tree at twelve, we'll have our lunch and breakfast then, Kerry, text me if you find anything, Kathy here's my number, but if you find it before twelve or something come find me, but only if my phone's engaged,” I said giving her a piece of paper with my number on.
“Wait, I don't know my way around,” Kathy said looking at me.
“Ugh, just follow the main hall, that's were all the staircases are, me and Kerry will look at the more difficult ones, I said.
“Thirteen!” we all said and then I felt mean. I had betrayed Kayla, she had made the club and now I was letting people into it. It had been an hour and a half now and I was still looking, suddenly my phone rang, “Hello?” I said.
“Kat! Hey!” it was Kayla!
“Kayla!” I said happily.
“You found anything?” she asked.
“We're looking,” I said happily.
“Must be hard with the two of you,” Kayla sighed.
“Kayla, don't be mad, someone else is in the club, a girl called Kathy,” I told her. There was a silence.
“Oh, I'm not, is she your best friend now?” Kayla asked.
“Not yet, you're still my best friend!” I said.
“Thanks, guess what!” Kayla said happily.
“What?!” I said.
“I'm allowed back again in three weeks! For good!” Kayla laughed.
“Yay! How come!?” I asked.
“Well I started moaning, so my dad was like, fine, you can go back, three weeks! Now give it a rest! So then I had a mini party in my head,” Kayla said cheerfully. Suddenly Kerry and Kathy came running over,
“Hey! We found the piece!” Kathy said smiling.
“I better let you go, see you in three weeks, and well done, I heard someone saying you found something, bye!” Kayla said.
“Bye!” I said, “Well done guys!”
“Yeah! Kathy found it!” Kerry said happily.
“Did it come with a clue?” I asked.
“Yep, it says, For the next clue, you need to, look up at the sky at night but not through the window nor outside, stay focused and your next clue will be read,” Kathy read. I was glad Kathy was in the gang, and Kayla would be back in three weeks! Everything was turning out great!

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Nice story! Very Happy Will there be more? I really like it Smile

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Very Nice! Can't wait for the next update Very Happy

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I love this story! You've done a great job and I can't wait for the next update!
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PostSubject: Re: Boarding School   Mon Jul 04, 2011 7:16 am

Nice Story Summer!
Well maybe you should make a role play by that story....
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PostSubject: Re: Boarding School   Mon Jul 04, 2011 11:37 am

Thanks Everyone! (: Good Idea Althea! Thanks for your kind comments I will update very soon (: '')
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PostSubject: Re: Boarding School   Mon Jul 04, 2011 12:17 pm

Chapter 6 is now up (:
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News Reporters
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PostSubject: Re: Boarding School   Tue Jul 05, 2011 7:46 am

Great Im still reading it lol!
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PostSubject: Re: Boarding School   Tue Jul 05, 2011 1:48 pm

I love this story!!
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PostSubject: Re: Boarding School   Tue Jul 05, 2011 3:19 pm

Thanks! The next chapter(s) will be up on wednesday (tomorrow) (: Glad you all like it
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PostSubject: Re: Boarding School   Tue Jul 05, 2011 3:55 pm

Amazing story up to now.You're very talented with story writing.
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PostSubject: Re: Boarding School   Wed Jul 06, 2011 12:01 pm


Chapter 7 is now up (:
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Jr. Assistants
Jr. Assistants

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PostSubject: Re: Boarding School   Wed Jul 06, 2011 6:21 pm

I like this! Smile Great work!
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PostSubject: Re: Boarding School   Wed Jul 13, 2011 7:59 pm

That is wonderful very thought out well
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PostSubject: Re: Boarding School   Thu Jul 14, 2011 11:21 am

I can't wait until the next chapter
You're so talented with story writing
Every chapter I read is amazing!
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News Reporters
~Thea Cutie~

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PostSubject: Re: Boarding School   Fri Jul 15, 2011 7:58 am

Great story!
Its like novel!
I <3 it!
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PostSubject: Re: Boarding School   Fri Jul 15, 2011 10:46 am

Thanks! I'm going to put a new one up later today! (:
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PostSubject: Re: Boarding School   Fri Jul 15, 2011 11:51 am

Did you make it all up? Because there was alot of writing there you made to do and I read it and I never heard it in a book I hope you did make it because that was the best book I ever read! I loved it please write more I know it is alot of writing LOL but I really liked it alot. Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Boarding School   Fri Jul 15, 2011 12:15 pm

Haha! Chapter 8 is up! (:

Thanks BFF (:
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PostSubject: Re: Boarding School   Sat Jul 16, 2011 2:24 pm

Chapter 9 Is now up! (:

I wouldn't of posted the story If I wouldn't of got so many kind comments
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~Thea Cutie~
News Reporters
News Reporters
~Thea Cutie~

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PostSubject: Re: Boarding School   Sat Jul 16, 2011 11:24 pm

maybe i would suggest that we should have a novel writer for bearvilleglobe
and make a thread for the story!
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PostSubject: Re: Boarding School   Sun Jul 17, 2011 4:44 am

Lol! (: Thanks for all your kind comments
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PostSubject: Re: Boarding School   Wed Jul 27, 2011 10:23 am

Chapter 10 is now on! (: If you have any idea's for the story please post them here. I will also mention your name in the story if you do (:
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PostSubject: Re: Boarding School   Wed Jul 27, 2011 5:26 pm

Oh and Thanks for your comments (:
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Boarding School
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