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 Tell About you in a Easy way

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PostSubject: Tell About you in a Easy way   Tue Aug 30, 2011 4:17 pm

Tell About YOU! In a easy way

Number of bears(hehe):
Number of posts:
Current bearville character( pic and name):
Friends( real or here):
Favorite smiley:
Join Date:
Favorite Thing about BG:
Favorite Color:
Favorite Show:

Here is mine (:

time.. 4:12 pm
Username: Annalise
Name: Annalise
Nickname: None.
Date: 30/08/2011
Number of bears(hehe): 20
Number of posts: 330
Current bearville character( pic and name):
Hobbies: Cooking, Baking, Tea Party, Dress up
Friends( real or here): (Real) Clare and Jennifer (Babv) Chantelle, Angel, Clare
Favorites: .......
Pets: Cat (Serfina)
Favorite smiley: (:
Favorite Thing about BG: Talking about trading, Making new friends.
Favorite Color: Light pink and much much more!
Favorite Show: Reba! (Love the people in it too) (The BEST)
Etc: Nothing really else

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PostSubject: Re: Tell About you in a Easy way   Tue Aug 30, 2011 5:44 pm

time.. 5:40 pm. Razz
Username: Rain♥️
Name: Rain
Nickname: Remi for online Razz
Date: the 30 of august
Interests: singing, acting, most sports, being with friends, writing
Number of bears(hehe): over 25.. xD
Number of posts: my 8th one.. i've been a busy girl. xD
Current bearville character( pic and name): (a graphic I made yesterday Razz)
Ashleyfuncub29. Random name i made a few years ago. xD
Hobbies: Singing, acting, writing stories, some sports (xD),
Friends( real or here): A lot in real
Favorites: dogs, dogs, and um, dogs? xD singing, acting in plays & stuff, writing
stories i hope to be published some day, graphic making although i'm no good at it and yeah. xD
Pets: a fish named rocky:

Favorite smiley: (: D:< (it's funny xD) xD (love that one) and a lot more.
Join Date: last week or the week before. xD
Favorite Thing about BG: da people and threads & stuff(:
Favorite Color: pinkk and neon colors ! !
Favorite Show: american idol, disney channel shows,nick (:
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Tell About you in a Easy way
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